Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wierd Things Since Seeing Robert

Hi Robert

I saw you when you made your debut performance in Clearwater at the TAPS convention. I think that you are fascinating but I am suffering a problem. When I saw you I was with a friend and there was a large group of people there. I asked to take your photo and you let me, all my pictures came out nice and clear, I actually got a couple really nice pictures of you. However the woman next to me and my friend did not ask to take your picture, theres did not come out as good. I think that you may have gotten confused because now when I get out of the shower the outline of your face is appearing in my mirror. I am getting a little scared and the other day I asked you to please leave me alone and I woke up with bruises on my arm.

Robert I am pleading with you please leave me alone.

Thank you

1 comment:

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I think that what you wrote is very creepy. It is hard for me to understand that someone is bothering you. I suggest you to burn the photos you got!