Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello Robert

Dear Robert,
we read a lot of the stories about you and saw some of the pictures too. We were deeply fascinated by your story, you seem like such a mischevious person. We are troublemakers ourselves! We wish we could meet you, but you live so far away. Maybe some time we will take a vacation and visit you, you seem like you would be an interesting person to meet. We wish you luck on your adventures, and hope you can keep the museum under control, we know you are their favorite.
Hope to meet you soon,
Shelby & Madison
Sacramento, CA


Nostalgic Lament said...
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rosangela said...

hello robert my name is rosangela joyce have 20 years you is one boy very beautiful congratulation god bless you kiss bye

Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,

We visited you Thursday night..and within the next few days, i wrote a post to you that I now fesr offended you..because i have stepped on glass out of nowhere, broke out with a very bad mystery rash on my leg and have been very sick for no apparent reason--then i realized my post may have upset or offended you, or my new husband did because he didn't follow the rules and say hello on our visit. I am sorry if we offended you, will you please take your curse off of me--yes, i know you are for real and i apologize for offending you!! Thank you, Robert, sincerly-J.S.K.

Anonymous said...

hey robert dou like candy :D im gonna visit u someday can u please move for me and my mom? u don't haft to but it would be awsome if u did it must be lonly being in that case all the time :( do u have ghost friends or friends with outher haunted things?your the cutest little doll ive ever seel :3

-from dorothy

p.s my mom thanks your a cute doll to

Anonymous said...

i mean't seen your the cutest little doll ive ever seen no hard feelings?