Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Visit to Robert at East Martello Musuem

Dear Robert,
The reason of this letter first of all, is to deeply apologized to you for take pictures of you and you and me, I knew I had to write you a letter asking for your permission before I download those to my computer and show it to people, but as you know people do not take serious your advise and do so, in my particular case, I came to the theory that it has to be you. I , then proceed to describe the real facts to chill my blood and make me loose all my sceptical and logical modus vivendi, soon after I was there I lost my 14 years very steady job out of nowhere, and as we speak I am going through hell trying to find a newone, when I got some real posibility, boom, it vanished, then in addition something terrible happened to a very close relative that I really love, everything in a 3 weeks time frame, then yesterday my mother send me an email about a geneological tree that a cousin was building in the net and ask me if I can post pictures of the family, now for your info I am not a kind of person that will do that, I would usually said I'm sorry I don't have time for that, but this time I thought why not, so then I start openings all my files, when all of the sudden there you where, looking at me, jeez, you chilled my blood, sitting in your chair with your navy suit and your Lion pet, I automaticaly thought, God, IT WAS ROBERT.
I hope this letter will make you think and let me go, cause, I have 2 very important interviews in the next couple days and I want to go with a peace of mind. I do not want to sound ignorant but if anybody put on my shoes you will consider this a very valid Letter.

Sorry again Robert

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