Monday, April 20, 2009

Forgive me, Robert

Dear Robert,

I met you while you were on tour with TAPSCON in Clearwater FL last
year. After asking permission, I took a few photos with you; they all
came out clear and looked nice. However, things have not been nice
since then. I had been living in Florida with my boyfriend of five
years, and we had just signed a contract in November 2008 to buy a
house; he lost his job the very next day! So we decided to move to
Arizona for a fresh start, but on our last night of the drive there, my
boyfriend broke up with me. This was during the first week of December,
since the lease on our apartment had run out Nov. 31! Since then I have
had to move again, and still do not have a job or my own place to live.
Everything started happening only four months after I had taken photos
with you in July.

At first, reading other's stories that were on display with you in FL, I
had doubts...and thought for sure at least it would not happen to me.
Where is the harm in taking a picture? But now I do believe that I must
have somehow disturbed you, and caused you to be unhappy with me.
Please forgive me for any intrusion, I apologize tenfold if taking your
photo has upset you. I hope that no more ill will continues, so that
things can work out for me now. Hopefully others will leave you in
peace, as well.




Administrator said...

Dear Robert,

I too am sorry. This past weekend my co-workers and I visited you in Key West. We took your picture without your permission and made fun of you in your home.

Within 30 minutes you made one of our scooters break-down, maxed out one of our credit cards, got us 5 parking tickets and got us towed.

Seeing as how you've already cost us over $1000, I would like to say sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

I should've listened to my friend Teri.

Did I say how sorry I was? Because I really am.


Anonymous said...

I would also like to apologize for not asking permission, I did say thank you though! No disrespect was meant & I do apologize. Take care Robert!!


Anonymous said...

Hello my name is harry robert i recently googled you and also watch you on youtube. im very sorry for viewing and watching the video with out you permission. im truly sorry as i have only found out who you were please forgive me

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is harry i viewed a video sorry for viewing with out your permission, i didn't mean to view it


hello my name is austin Im very sorry robert for takeing your picture without your permission and disrespecting you like i did in your home im sorry