Monday, April 20, 2009

Robert is now on Twitter

Robert is on Twitter so follow him if you dare!
Britney Spears is following him now. I wonder if she knows who Robert is? I wonder if she would want to meet Robert?

Hello Robert

Dear Robert,
we read a lot of the stories about you and saw some of the pictures too. We were deeply fascinated by your story, you seem like such a mischevious person. We are troublemakers ourselves! We wish we could meet you, but you live so far away. Maybe some time we will take a vacation and visit you, you seem like you would be an interesting person to meet. We wish you luck on your adventures, and hope you can keep the museum under control, we know you are their favorite.
Hope to meet you soon,
Shelby & Madison
Sacramento, CA

Forgive me, Robert

Dear Robert,

I met you while you were on tour with TAPSCON in Clearwater FL last
year. After asking permission, I took a few photos with you; they all
came out clear and looked nice. However, things have not been nice
since then. I had been living in Florida with my boyfriend of five
years, and we had just signed a contract in November 2008 to buy a
house; he lost his job the very next day! So we decided to move to
Arizona for a fresh start, but on our last night of the drive there, my
boyfriend broke up with me. This was during the first week of December,
since the lease on our apartment had run out Nov. 31! Since then I have
had to move again, and still do not have a job or my own place to live.
Everything started happening only four months after I had taken photos
with you in July.

At first, reading other's stories that were on display with you in FL, I
had doubts...and thought for sure at least it would not happen to me.
Where is the harm in taking a picture? But now I do believe that I must
have somehow disturbed you, and caused you to be unhappy with me.
Please forgive me for any intrusion, I apologize tenfold if taking your
photo has upset you. I hope that no more ill will continues, so that
things can work out for me now. Hopefully others will leave you in
peace, as well.



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wierd Things Since Seeing Robert

Hi Robert

I saw you when you made your debut performance in Clearwater at the TAPS convention. I think that you are fascinating but I am suffering a problem. When I saw you I was with a friend and there was a large group of people there. I asked to take your photo and you let me, all my pictures came out nice and clear, I actually got a couple really nice pictures of you. However the woman next to me and my friend did not ask to take your picture, theres did not come out as good. I think that you may have gotten confused because now when I get out of the shower the outline of your face is appearing in my mirror. I am getting a little scared and the other day I asked you to please leave me alone and I woke up with bruises on my arm.

Robert I am pleading with you please leave me alone.

Thank you

I'M So Sorry - Sniff

Dearest Robert,

I didn't mean to make fun of you! Please please PLEASE s top giving me the computer errors, and signing off of messenger!
I'm really sorry! please accept my apology. I never meant to make fun of you, and i believe in you 100%.
And please forgive Lake!!
She doesn't know what she's in for!!!! She said she doesn't believe, and she won't email you to apologize!!!
Please don't hurt her, please don't haunt her, please just leave me and her alone.
I'll do anything!


Our Visit to Robert at East Martello Musuem

Dear Robert,
The reason of this letter first of all, is to deeply apologized to you for take pictures of you and you and me, I knew I had to write you a letter asking for your permission before I download those to my computer and show it to people, but as you know people do not take serious your advise and do so, in my particular case, I came to the theory that it has to be you. I , then proceed to describe the real facts to chill my blood and make me loose all my sceptical and logical modus vivendi, soon after I was there I lost my 14 years very steady job out of nowhere, and as we speak I am going through hell trying to find a newone, when I got some real posibility, boom, it vanished, then in addition something terrible happened to a very close relative that I really love, everything in a 3 weeks time frame, then yesterday my mother send me an email about a geneological tree that a cousin was building in the net and ask me if I can post pictures of the family, now for your info I am not a kind of person that will do that, I would usually said I'm sorry I don't have time for that, but this time I thought why not, so then I start openings all my files, when all of the sudden there you where, looking at me, jeez, you chilled my blood, sitting in your chair with your navy suit and your Lion pet, I automaticaly thought, God, IT WAS ROBERT.
I hope this letter will make you think and let me go, cause, I have 2 very important interviews in the next couple days and I want to go with a peace of mind. I do not want to sound ignorant but if anybody put on my shoes you will consider this a very valid Letter.

Sorry again Robert

Hello Robert:

hello robert, my name is casey and just like your original friend and owner robert eugene otto i love being influenced by art. i have always wanted to come to key west not only to see the beach but to come visit you. some people think your creepy but i do not and i probably know everything about you ! some people probably think im weird because i study about you but i always know your real and do not i repeat do not let anyone let you down. i know you probably miss robert your owner but i want you to know that i can be your very best friend forever, and ever. thanks, and reply.
p.s. like your dog and costume.

Are You Real?

hey "robert" i, you know was kind of wondering if the stories i have heard are true i wan to beleive them but then again i dont, but i do want to beleive your DDDDDDDEEEEEAAAAADDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am without words on describing how amazing I feel when I think about you!
Your presence is so powerful and wonderful at the same time, and I know I’ve seen your expression change broadly in different photos.
Oh, what I would do just to get down to Key West and meet you! I always feel so anxious and have a sense of longing, as if you might disappear someday.
I have never in my whole life had such a great respect for a….well; I suppose the “d” word is not respectful enough to describe you.
I’ve seen videos people have taken, messing around and calling you fake, it’s then that I become furious.
But there will always be non-believers!
I do have a question that needs answering……
I know that we must ask before we take pictures of you, so, how do we know if you reply “yes” or “no”?
I would in no way want to upset you, but I don’t know how to tell.
You have a sweetness and a creepiness that intrigues me to the bone.
I hope things are very comfortable inside that lonely glass case.
Especially at night!
Thank you for taking the time,

Always and Forever