Monday, June 8, 2009

Questions for Robert

Dear Robert,
My name is Andrew. I am a 17 year old boy. I’d like to ask you a few questions.
Have you met a Poltergeist?
Have you done any good deeds before or has anyone done good deeds in front of you?
How does it feel knowing that some people are scared of you?
How do you communicate with people in person?
Has anyone ever called you a “Secret Weapon” before?
Don’t worry, I’m not trying to compete with you or anything!


Angela said...

Hi my name is Claire you are cool. I think you are interesting and i am funny ha ha ha ha i am evil

Russell said...

i want to see Robert soon, i am coming to see you Robert and you will know it is my by saying it is me to you a few times, will you move for me?

Amanda said...

Dear Robert,
I have been hearing about you for ages it seems now. I remember hearing your story when I was younger. Your outfit is so cute, and I wish I could come and visit you. It would be nice.
I do have a question.
If I do come visit you, is there a chance I'll be able to see you move or anything? It would be really cool to get a picture with you and stuff.
With Love,
Amanda <3

Anonymous said...

you guys all realize although the doll might be enchanted or truly haunted you guys are writing on a website that the doll prolly has no idea of or ever sees or checks becuse it is a doll?

spiralwolf said...

hi robert i've been coming to see you ever since i was 8. a couple of month ago me and my friends came to see you and my friend jake and i were talking to you. but my other two friends were making fun of you, then out of no where my two friends faces turned white and they ran out of there so fast. i just wanted to know what you did to them.
p.s next sunday i'm going to come an visit you
bye, robert

Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,
My husband and I just returned from visiting you in Key West. We have had a string of bad luck the last few days and would like to apologize for not asking your permission before taking your picture and also for not taking you seriously. We meant no disrespect.
Your friends,
Christy and Zeb

Anonymous said...

hi my name is chloe and I feel so sorry for you. You are so amazing! I think you should know that! But my lights are fickering right now and im very scared. Please if I ever done anything rude or if I said anything i'm so sorry. Take care and never ever stop believeing something good will happen! :)
Your friend ,

Neo said...

Dear Robert,
My name is Neo and i am 15 years old.
You have interested me since i first read about you, in a small book about haunted toys.
I have recently told my friend, Niko, about you and she has taken a great liking and interest in you, we are hoping we can see you soon.

Anonymous said...

sup robert is lovve to come visit u i thank ill leave u a present :D and can u move for me and my mom? i wana convince her :D but if u don't u don't haft to but i would love if u did te hee hay do u like candy?